5 Star Reviews of Jason Blonder - Golf Lessons NJ

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Jason lowered my handicap 5 strokes (15 to 10) by properly fitting my clubs in just a couple of hours. He also is a hell of a nice guy, knows people, and the game of golf. His golf instruction has greatly helped me improve my game, and I highly recommend his services.
— Stefan Malgarinos, President
Jason has been my golf instructor since 2010. When I first met Jason I was new to playing golf regularly. I needed to get important positioning and guidance in my stance. Jason was execellent and providing these things. I now have greatly improved my swing and am enjoying golf more than I ever have, in large part due to Jason’s teaching. Jason is able to clearly explain the basics and is great at helping me to make adjustments that improve my game. I enjoy our sessions and look forward to learning more from Jason at each one. He has a great personality and I can see that enjoys teaching the game of golf.
— Tom Lam Owner of Nissen Sushi
the lesson and video lesson is great. Look forward to my further lessons.
— Mike NY
This session was well worth while. I would recommend Jason for golfers of all levels.
— Jesse
I enjoyed my first lesson. Jason provided me with some excellent instruction. I’m definitely returning for more lessons!
— Joe Goldfarb
Jason gave some very helpful advice in the time we spent together
— Jerry Handsman
Jason was professional, and informative
— Rusty Zarrell
Amazing Groupon! Had a great golf lesson! This was an amazing experience.
— "Jeff Levine"
Excellent coach. Jason improved my game with simple, easy to follow corrections. Highly recommended.
— Anthony Watt
Last fall the lesson Jason gave me turned my game around. Has been good all winter (down south)... Can’t wait to continue!
— David Kaplan
I highly recommend Swing Plane Productions. Unlike most coaches who teach the same mechanics to their students, Jason was able to customize his lessons to accommodate my style. He is very punctual with his lessons and is a good coach. He helped me bring score down to 100 after a few lessons (I was at a much higher score). I have tried others and have not come close to his results. If you need help, definitely get a few lessons from Swing Plane Productions.
— Be K.
Jason is an excellent instructor who works on simple things to get maximum results. Highly recommended.
— Krishan Punia
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Jason has been my golf instructor for the past few years, and has taken my game to a whole new level. The great thing about the way he teaches is that he not only explains the golf swing, but he makes sure you understand what you need to improve. His constant efforts to improve his own instructional methods shows year after year.
— Dr. Theo Davantzis, Dentist
Thank you Swingplane. Seeing really is believing. I wish I would’ve done this years ago.
— Ellen Huge Help!
Jason quickly recognized the weaknesses in my swing and provided me with the drills to correct it. It was an extremely helpful analysis. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve their game
— Mike Frost Sr. Valley Stream NY
Great Lesson. The instructor was positive & simple. He intentionally didn’t overwhelm me with a million things to work on. I walked away with a better understanding of my swing and was able to see tangible results right away. I highly recommend him & will buy a bigger lesson pack when it comes up again.
— John Mooney
Now that I can see what I’m doing wrong, I can easily correct it on my own at the range. Thanks SwingPlane!
— Michael Wagner What a difference!
The training was excellent! Going back for more soon.
— Zivele
Very useful for beginers!
— Mary Jo
My husband told me it was the best gift I had ever gotten him. He really got a lot out of just a single lesson.
— Andy Childers
I’ve taken lessons from Jason Blonder of Swing Plane Productions several times over the last two years and I can’t say enough about what an excellent instructor he is. One of the many things I like about taking lessons from Jason is the ability to work within my swing and he doesn’t try to change everything about my complete golf game. I highly recommend him (and have to anyone who has asked where/who they should take lessons).
— Joyce Petino
Great instructor who analyzes your swing in numerous ways, and caters instruction to your swing style and game. Jason broke down my takeaways into very basic and recall-able drills and tips that I have ingrained in my mind. I experienced immediate improvements to my game in just a few lessons!
— Billy K
Swing Plane is the next evolution in golf training. To many times I have taken lessons where the instructor barked generic terms about foot placement or club head alignment at me. Swing Plane was able to show me the shortcomings of my swing by using drills and technology that allowed me to actually see my swing in real time. Jason was able to take a few moments in between swings and show me my actual swing on an iPad so I could see exactly what the problem was. Then we were able to do drills to focus on that area and at the end of the lesson we were able to review my last shots and see how my form was improving.
— Brian G.