Instagram Golf Lesson Video Tips 

Noodle Constraint Drill used to increase more in to out path to help golfers ⛳️ hit that tour draw‼️
Pool noodle Constraint Drill used to reduce to much in to out path. Trail arm finishes across the body in the finish more parallel to the ground to improve ball striking‼️
Putting Drill for starting point control. Improve your face skills. Shift intentions to two feet in front of the ball for look of the speed and where it should start.
Use the natural design of the golf club and shaft lean help you determine the Ball position❗️
What are the purposes of a good pre shot routine⁉️
With an alignment stick a great drill to work on ball striking 👌
What sense is used for feel? Is it touch or vision? Watch the video to see why it's vision of what your eyes see❗️
Shoving the handle forward at impact leaves the club face open, and shortens the arm length. Learn why that is a Handle Drag 😡
Concepts and Golf Drills relative to Club Face Closure
How to use alignment sticks to give your wrists a feel to keep more quiet 🤫 to reduce chance of poor strike and poor club face control❗️
Concepts of why deeper hands or hand path behind the trail shoulder could help a player swing more in to out‼️
How to use a Vision54 Mental Human Skill to Improve what you focus on during a swing. Have an intention of what you have to do, and focus on it. Focuses on the bad thought is the distraction, and you'll have less chance to hit the golf ball solid❗️
How to put the brakes on to structure your arms in a strong 💪 finish helping you to improve ball striking and club Head Speed‼️
Hockey 🏒 sticks and Golf Clubs are very similar. Many similar concepts apply and can help you hit the ball more solid with a draw❗️
How to use Trajectory to Control Different Distances❗️ Low trajectory for closer distances when you have less carry. Farther it has to carry the higher the trajectory‼️
The club Head has to pass the handle to use more bounce to splash sand. Too much shaft lean and leading edge will dog too much in the bunker. Learn How to use lead wrist extension to splash sand❗️
How to use a pool noodle and alignment stick to make a more centered pivot to work in ball striking‼️
Why Guess when you can Measure! With Hackmotion 3D Motion Capture Coach Jason can help students quickly measure what their wrists are doing during the putting stroke. We can easily make adjustments, and see immediate measured results. Coach Jason will structure each clinic where each student will train specific drills to help players best understand the Cause & Effects of the Putting Stroke.