Below are the Video Answers to the Golf Skills Quiz from the Previous Page. Please take the Golf Skills Quiz first, & review your answers below. 

The images above will be helpful after you watch all 9 video answers. Your goal should be to have a much clearer understanding of these images. After watching the videos you should have a better understanding how forces of club path, and club face are affected.  Please reach out to Coach Jason with any questions directly at

1. What are the three main technical swing issues that any golfer needs to improve in the full golf swing?

2. What are the 4 skills of the full golf swing in direct relation to the previous question?

3. Are you a Golfer that happens to be Human or a Human that Happens to be a Golfer?

4. How should you practice most efficiently, and most effectively?

5. Where should entry point of the ground strike occur in the full swing with Irons, and Wedges?

6. What factor most influences the starting point of a golf shot?

7. If the ball is hit thin / sculled / or topped is the ball club face strike too high on the face or too low on the club face?

8. Explain the following shot pattern of the face and path relationship? Ball is struck solid, starts right of your intended target, and slices to the right.

9. Which factor has the most affect on the starting point of the roll of a golf ball during the putting stroke?