Why Golf Fitness Will help you to play the best golf of your life!

TPI Certified PGA Member Jason Blonder will put you through the TPI 16 Part Screening Process. The tests are designed to measure your body's overall mobility, and stability. Coach Jason will conduct half of the test with K-Vest to help the student easily see how the torso and pelvis actually move during the assessment tests. Through this 60 minute screening process we will be able to reveal how the Swing Body Connection relates to possible swing characteristics we may want to correct in your golf swing. Coach Jason will then walk you through your improvements you can make in either your mobility or stability that could help a player more easily manaage a change in their swing characteristics.

Their is no one style or right way to swing a golf club. However we see the tour players have in common an effective mobility, and stability pattern that is dependent on how their body works. This is how we help the golf student by providing the game plan from the Golf Technique Side, the Fitness Side, and the Medical Side. The Swing Plane Production Team can help you improve in all three phases. 

After your screening process is complete we will capture your golf swing with the K-Vest Bio-mechanics Software, and compare your body's screening analysis against the swing characteristics you have. We can then more easily provide the game plan on the order we structure the improvements we want to achieve from the technique stand point, and the fitness standpoint. If pain reduction, and preventative care is the pressing issue we can refer you to our team of Northern NJ's best Medical TPI Certified Professionals.

Read the articles below on how important it has become for PGA Tour professionals to have TPI Certified Golf, Fitness, and Medical Professionals on their team of experts helping them to maximize their golfing potential.

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Golf Fitness has become an integral part of the sport of Golf. Certified PGA Instructor Jason Blonder has developed a Golf Fitness program that will incorporate TPI Golf Fitness Exercises, Golf Yoga, and a Cardio program. Each program is created for the student for a personalized experience.  The Golf Fitness program paired with Golf Swing Technique improvements can be concentrated on the following areas of improvement of the body's overall mobility, and stability. Improving the athlete's mobility, and stability is the key to correcting less effective swing characteristics that cause the average golfer to not improve. We never want to ask the student to swing in a style that is not conducive to their body's movement's. Our team is here to help you improve the Golf Technique, the Fitness, and the Medical side to maximize your golfing potential. 

 Please contact Jason directly for scheduling purposes. Private sessions can be held at the clients home, gym, or Jason's gym located in Rahway, NJ. The great part of TPI fitness is that most exercises can be done in the privacy of your own home. Golf Fitness Group Sessions will be available with more information to come. Please click the button below to view the Golf Fitness package pricing.