The following Quiz is to help Coach Jason assess your Golf Skill Knowledge. Golf can be a unique sport. Being able to Self-Coach on the golf course is a vital skill to constantly improve. Better players work with coaches to better understand their golf swing, and their over all golf games. Coach Jason works to improve students understanding of the skills of the golf swing during lessons with the industries best technologies, and gaining more insight of each of my students is the purpose of this test. 

Grading of the Test - (0 to 3 Correct Answers Beginner, 4-5 Correct Answers Intermediate, 6-7 Correct Answers Advanced,

 8-9 Correct Answers Single Digit Handicap, 10 Correct Answers Scratch to Pro

Please feel free to review the answers to the quiz on the next tab titled "Video Answers to the Golf Skills Quiz.  Feel free to request Coach Jason to contact you directly if you had questions about the assessment. The quiz will also go in to a Player Profile that Coach Jason and the student can together build the best strategy to help reach your goals of improving your golf game! Each Player Profile, and Strategy Session is catered to the individual. No two golfers are alike, and we can make the plan as detailed or simple as the student needs. 

The quiz below is multiple choice. No Pressure, answer to the best of your ability. Enjoy!

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1. What are the three main technical swing issues that any golfer needs to improve in the full golf swing? (Check 3 Answers) *
2. What do you consider to be the 4 most important skills of the full golf swing in direct relation to the previous question? (Check 4 Answers)
3. Are you a Golfer that happens to be Human or a Human that Happens to be a Golfer? (Vision54 - Play Your Best Golf Now" *
4. How should you practice most efficiently, and most effectively? (Check 2 Answers) *
5. Where should the entry point of the ground strike occur in the full swing with Irons, and Wedges? (Check 1 Answer) *
6. What factor most influences the starting point of a golf shot? (Check 1 Answer) *
7. If the ball is hit thin / skulled / or topped is the ball club face strike too high on the face or too low on the club face? *
8. Explain the following shot pattern of the face and path relationship. Ball is struck solid, starts right of your intended target, and slices to the right. (Choose 1 answer) *
9. Which factor has the most affect on the starting point of the roll of a golf ball during the putting stroke? (Choose 1 Answer) *
How Well do you think you understand the concepts quizzed on? *
How Well do you think you understand the concepts quizzed on?
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