Focus Band Mental Game Training

Take your Mental golf game,

and your Golf Swing to the next level today!

Swing Plane Productions can analyze your Golf Swing with the Flight Scope Elite x2 Launch monitor. This is the best Launch monitor on the market designed for golf instruction. It allows for easy to view 3D Path of your golf swing to help you quickly see why you slice the golf ball, what the corrections look like, and feels like.

Technology is an amazing tool to help students learn, and Swing Plane Productions strives to keep adding to the toolbox!

What Is FocusBand?

The FocusBand is a wearable brain training device with three sensors that are placed on your head to measure your brain activity.  The Bioprene headset & the woven sensors are perspiration tolerant and the measured data is displayed on a mobile for effortless brain training to a calmer state of mind.

What Does It Do?

The FocusBand enables you to self regulate your emotional levels. With simple breathing exercises you watch your progress on the avatar.  Now you are able to view and verify your shift to a calmer state.

How Does It Work?

While wearing the FocusBand, you let your brain convert the audio and visual feedback from the avatar for you.   You begin by sitting and experiencing the process and let the brain do its thing.   Shortly you'll notice you can easily change your state of mind to your desired state using the audio and visual feedback.  This is Neurofeedback - the training of the brain.

Why use it?

Emotional stresses can ruin your life unless you take preventive action. It helps you calm your mind & turn off the inner voice in your head, which causes so many problems in today's hectic society.  Now you can draw from the power inside of you and less  from outside of you

The Picture Below depicts why we want to use our right side of our brain to find a calmer state of mind, and to try not to use our left side of our brain during the shot making process.

Swing Plane Productions has added the use of the Focus Band to help students improve their Mental Game. The saying goes, "Golf is 90 Percent Mental". Focus Band is the first product of its kind that allows now the every day golfer to measure the progress of their mental game. The two part process PGA Instructor Jason Blonder will help you to learn is how to control your calm emotional state, and how to better visualize the shot you are attempting to perform. We then build the process of incorporating your improved mental state to help you better focus, and enjoy your golf game. Allowing yourself to find a calmer state of mind will help to improve your ability to learn the new information we will cover during lessons. The ultimate goal of our Mental Game training process is to teach the student how to, "Get In The Zone!"

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